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About Tustin Systems 

employees working on a circuit board

We are an Atlanta-based company featuring custom PCs for gaming, streaming, video/music editing, and general workstation use. The company originally started in 2007, selling video surveillance products in the Tustin, California area.


We eventually integrated our part-time passion for building custom computers, and this passion became our full-time business in 2015.


Although our business started in 2015, our team has been building custom computers since 1995 and currently holds A+ and Network+ certifications.


We feature mid to high-end gaming PCs and use name-brand components in our builds, allowing us to offer a minimum one-year warranty on each new system we sell.


Everything we list for sale is in stock and ready to ship,  or you can pre-order any PC on our site, and we will custom-build and ship it to you. We can also customize a PC to your specs. Look no further if you are looking for a custom build without the custom price.

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